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When your child is ready and space becomes available we will discuss with you about your child graduating into the toddler rooms. We will build their confidence and nurture their self esteem in an environment which will enhance their early learning development. Children have individual interests and we will help develop their schemas??? while encouraging them to enhance their skills when moving onto the next stage in their development. The toddler rooms are divided into different areas of interest, quiet and book area, sensory area, sand/water and table top area, construction area, kitchen/make believe area and an arts and crafts area.
Children benefit by socialising, exploring, experimenting, group work, dance and music. We see our children as active learners and allow them the space and voice in the decision making working with their carer to get a balance of adult and child led activities. We carry out child observations and reviews in a holistic manner and feed back to parents/guardians through daily sheets and discussions.

When your child is ready to move to the next room we first discuss with the parent/guardians and organise visits to help this be a smooth transition for everyone.

Lively Ladybird Room, Yearly Topic plan

January 2012 Plan

Messy Play - Each morning Sand and water will be available for the children to explore

On Mondays Pasta Play either cooked or raw using utensils, and weighing scales.

On Tuesdays 'Goop' (Cornflour and water) encouraging mark making.

On Wednesdays various materials to explore, cut etc

On Thursdays Playdough using cutters and rolling pins

On Fridays Jelly play

Basic Irish - Each day (except Wednesday) the children will be encouraged to learn the irish language, including colours,numbers, days of the week, body parts etc.

Buntus excercise - On Wednesday the children will participate in a fun, and educational excercise programme.

Outdoor Play - Weather permitting children are able to use the outdoor equipment in the mornings and afternoons.

Toys - Throughout each day there is a set plan of toys that will be provided for the children to help in all different areas of theirdevelopment, in a freeplay scenario.

Arts and Crafts - Winter time
-Snow flakes- gluing, fingerpaint and glitter
-Snowmen - material collage
-Eskimo's and Igloo's - Colouring page
-Penguins- finger painting
-Polar Bears
- material collage
-Winter trees
- hand and finger paint
-Hats, scarves and mittens-free painting patterns
-Sledging - colouring page

At the Circus
-Clowns - material collage
-Jugglers - finger painting
-Lion and lion tamer- colouring page
-Ringmaster- group activity, all mediums used
-Big top - free painting
-Tight rope walker- material collage
-Acrobats - icing sugar painting
-Flags- gluing and sticking

January - February

Winter time *Valentines Crafts

At the circus *The Senses

All About me



March - April

St Patricks Day Crafts *Easter Crafts

Mother's Day Crafts *Spring time

Transport *In the Garden

Nursery Rhymes

May - June

On the farm *Father's Day Crafts

People who help us *Our pets

Weather *In the jungle

July - August

Summer time *Under the sea

At the beach *Pirates and Mermaids

September - October

Road Safety *Halloween Fun

Colours *Autumn time


November December

A trip to the moon *Christmas fun crafts

Dinosaur fun